Welcome to “Apple Fortune-Telling for Everyone”!

“Apple Fortune-Telling for Everyone” or “Minna-no-Ringo-uranai” uses years, months and days of birth based on the theory of the Four Pillars of Destiny, one of the methods originated in the Orient.

There are 12 types of apples. Which type of apple are you?

1. Find your basic number from “Basic Number and Classification Tables of Apple Types” to know your apple category.

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2. Read “Basic Character” of your apple category! Click the name of each apple to know further information: characteristics, strong points, weak points, how to improve your fortune, effective compliments and celebrities of the same apple as you.

🍎 Jonagold
・You are thought of affectionately in whatever you do.
・You are a gentle pacifist and do things your own way.
・Nothing makes you more irritated than having your activities interrupted, disturbed or delayed.

🍎 Tsugaru
・You often have stylish tendencies and lean towards refinement. You probably make a cool impression.
・You sometimes have the qualities to attract a potential partner.
・You may lack continuity and resolution.

🍎 Orin
・You are probably a powerful person who usually looks younger than your age.
・You are also a caring person; therefore, you cannot ignore people in need.
・However, it is sometimes annoying for others when you go too far.

🍎 Fuji
・You are kind of a hard-liner who has a strong sense of duty. You have a spirit of independence; therefore, you have tried to support yourself since you were young. You can be aggressive but are positive and dependable.
・When you are depended on, you usually want to put up a good front. You have two aspects: you look strong but in fact are delicate.
・You may have too much pride and definitely can accomplish anything; therefore, you sometimes go to the extreme.

🍎 Sekai Ichi
・You are a fighter who is more aggressive than most.
・You have a remarkable capacity for supporting the weak. You have an aptitude for helping others.
・Once others scold you without giving you a chance to explain or hurt your pride, you will rebel against them.

🍎 Mutsu (Crispin)
・You have a modest and mild personality; nevertheless, you are the mastermind behind the scenes.
・You can proceed with things deliberately and steadily.
・For some reason, you generally easily fall for flattery and become restless.

🍎 Golden Delicious
・You like to keep everything clean. You are a gentle person who is attentive to people around you.
・You tend to take your time to think and decide.
・You sometimes look so far ahead that you might have difficulty in moving forward.

🍎 Kio
・You do everything in detail, cautiously and steadily.
・Your clever and defensive personality prevents you from making mistakes.
・You may lose chances if you are over-concerned about the future.

🍎 Shinano Gold
・You have a certain kind of connection to money.
・You have a highly developed sense for economy and calculation. You are suitable to be in a communal area and act in a group.
・You don’t like to disturb the harmony or take an irresponsible attitude.

🍎 Waringo
・You are a creative and free-spirited person.
・You act following your instincts. You don’t worry about small details. You manage to make changes quickly. You give the impression of being stylish and an urbanite.
・You might like to be the center of attention and be bad at steadily doing mundane work. You are a dreamer who loves a luxurious atmosphere.

🍎 Kogyoku (Jonathan)
・You perhaps don’t like to be in a group. You go your own way; in other words, you are a type of maverick. At a glance, you have a unique character and look like a lone wolf.
・You are sensitive to the latest trend. Your taste is unique; therefore, you like novel colors and designs which others hardly ever choose.
・ You are good at offense but not good at defense. You might lack endurance.

🍎 Starking Delicious
・You tend to depend on others. You should genuinely accept others’ kindness.
・Your elders’ support will bring you good luck.
・If you are selfish or make a bluff, you will be astounded by others.