Information on palm reading consultations for college campus festival staff

The non-profit organization, Kobe International Fortune-telling Association would like to provide palm reading consultations for college campus festivals in 2016. Would you like to include a new event “palm reading consultation” at your campus festival this year?

2015年 『松蔭祭』手相鑑定会の様子

We look forward to inquiries from colleges in Japan and foreign countries.

Palm reading consultations at college campus festivals

・Volunteer work by Pro-bono
・To convey the attractions of fortune-telling through palm reading consultations for generations who will participate in society in the near future by making good use of knowledge.
・A contribution to society

Palm reading consultation
Approx. 10 minutes per person
Fee: from \200 to \500 (decided by the festival organizer)
*Please specify an organization such as a social welfare organization that we should send all consultation fees for your donation as a contribution to society.

■Applicant guidelines
College campus festival staff or university staff who understand and agree with the policy of our activities. (We apologize, but we do not accept any applications from individuals.)
Please note that we may have to select only a limited number of festivals to attend after careful consideration in the case we receive many applications.

■Application period
From July 1st (Fri) to July 31st (Sun)

■How to apply
Please send the following information by email or fax.

1. Your name and position in the college campus festival
2. Name of your college
3. Contact details
4. Name of the festival
5. Date and time of the festival
6.Please tell us why you would like a palm reading event at your festival.

Fax: 078-261-8028

*We ask for your kind understanding that we don’t accept telephone inquiries.

■Need to prepare
Space for a palm reading consultation
Chairs, Tables and Tents (Outdoor only)

Free of charge
We bear all travel costs.
(No payment will take place.)